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High bikini
A quick and gentle wax where hair is taken in further in at the sides enabling you to wear a very brief pair of pants or a high cut swimsuit. It also includes a tidy up of the ‘undercarriage’ (top part of the thighs just underneath the buttocks).

This is a more thorough wax where the hair is tapered and blended in very closely all the way along the edge of the labia, but not removed completely. This results in a more natural look than a Brazilian. Hair is also waxed from the buttock cheeks and crack.

Everything is removed from the ‘sensitive areas’ (full labia outside and in) as well as the full stomach, buttock cheeks and crack. This leaves you with a thin landing strip of hair on the pubic mound.

Removal of all hair from front and back of your nether regions leaving you fresh, tidy and smooth all round. Banish that stubble and shaving rash for good!

Note: all bikini treatments include waxing of the navel pubis line.