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General Waxing

Back & shoulders
Say no to fur and whip off your shirt with pride!

Chest & abdomen
Flex those pecs and show off that six-pack!

Intimate Waxing

Professional intimate waxing treatments by an Axiom accredited therapist.

Buttocks & Crack
Hair is thoroughly removed from the buttock cheeks and butt crack
for an amazingly clean finish. Be a real peach on the beach!


Part Groin
Hair is removed from the scrotum and penis (leaving you with trimmed hair on the pubic mound).

Full Groin
Complete removal of hair from the front (scrotum, penis and the entire pubic mound). The line is then blended into the lower abdomen to create a natural fading.

Male Brazilian
Hair is removed from the scrotum, penis, lower back, buttock cheeks and crack (leaving you with clippered hair on the pubic mound for a more natural look).

Male Hollywood
Removal of all hair from front and back leaving you fresh, tidy and smooth all round. Banish that shaving rash for good!


It is well recognised that there are significant differences in male hair growth patterns, so to address this I operate a flexible pricing structure to accommodate everyone’s needs fairly - from sparse wisps of hair to woolly mammoths!

On your first visit your hair density will be assessed so that your tariff can be set at the appropriate level within the price ranges above.

If you have fine, patchy areas of hair you will obviously be charged much less than someone whose back resembles a Yeti on a bad hair day! I am sure you can appreciate that there is considerably more time and product involved for the more hirsute among you, which is why the prices between clients differ accordingly.

It is important that you don’t get the wrong idea about our services. This is a WAXING STUDIO and nothing more so any inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.

All we do here is remove unwanted hair and ensure you walk out the door smooth and happy.

If you are a genuine customer who is simply looking for a professional waxing treatment then you will receive a warm welcome.